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Are You Ready To Live Life As If Nothing Can Stop You?

I’m Dr. Espen Hjalmby, founder of Soul Super Clinics and DrEspen.com and I am here to help you take your life to the next level! After 15 years of study, research and application as well as coaching over 10,000 clients, my team and I designed our one-of-a-kind personal coaching programs to help you live a more abundant, empowered and fulfilling life.

So… If you want to design the body of your dreams, have more energy, increase your longevity, find your personal power, boost your career, teach your family and children what it truly is to be well, or simply get to know your spiritual self, then keep reading…

“Dr. Espen’s passion is not only to build wellness centers but to educate clients to reach their Peak Performance.”

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In our personal coaching programs, my team and I guide you through the proven formulas and systems that will allow you to pick up the tools to align your own true values with your life’s vision and purpose. In order to obtain personal and professional mastery, we will help you design a specific action plan and goals (your stepping stones to greatness) in each of the 8 areas of life. This is the recipe to living a meaningful life – a life of fulfillment and gratitude, and who knows, perhaps even a life where you as your own boss get to design the enterprise of a lifetime – the enterprise where you Prosper from your Passion!



The question is not just “how”, but “why”. If you find the answer to your “why”, then the “hows” take care of themselves”.

– Dr Espen



Whether you are a growing entrepreneur, a seasoned athlete, a parent or simply someone in search of a higher purpose, the team and I may help you obtain the tools necessary to save both time and money as you achieve the breakthroughs you have been waiting for.

You will be provided with the tools, strategies, coaching, and accountability that will reinvigorate your passion for life, elevate your ability to perform at your best, and unlock your winning edge. But remember, this is CHANGE, and change my friend does not happen without hard work! You have to DECIDE to invest in yourself, decide that you are worth it! Once you have decided, you are already on your way to personal greatness…

Our coaching programs have been proven to fast track both personal and business success by focusing on what you are passionate about and applying it, with easy-to-use strategies, in this modern world.

If Dr. Espen personal coaching is for you then we may work together to…

  • Make your journey to health, fitness and abundant energy FUN instead of a chore
  • Unlock your Peak Personal and Professional Performance
  • Unlock the strategies that allow you to Prosper From Your Passion
  • Build more rewarding personal and professional relationships
  • Sharpen your ability to communicate and convey your ideas effectively
  • Boost your confidence in your ability to lead and inspire others
  • Learn the strategies to financial freedom
  • Open the heart and learn to attract Love into your life
  • Learn to truly see that everything is on the way, not in the way so you may be at ease in the face of challenges as you welcome new horizons and opportunities into your life
  • Become inspired to step up, play a bigger game and once and for all -, Live your Love!


Dr Espen Coaching – A Life Pioneered By Purpose

~ Dr Espen



“Dr. Espen’s teachings could take your life and business to a whole new level.”

Dr. John Demartini
International best-selling author of Count Your Blessings

Life Rewards Action and so do we!

All you need to do is click the “Complete My FREE Wheel of Life Survey” button below and you’ll be directed to a form which you need to take your time to fill in. If you are eligible for Dr. Espen coaching and we can help you, someone from our team will contact you as soon as a 30-minute complimentary, non-obligatory life evaluation and action plan session, (actual value $375) becomes available.

If you get lost, just email [email protected].

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