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Speaking & Keynote – Dr Espen


Key Points

  • One of the original founders of the Bonfire Health Group (BHG) – the largest hot yoga and multidisciplinary wellness centers in Australia
  • Doctor of Clinical Chiropractic, Qualified Phys Ed Teacher, Yoga Teacher, PT, Nutritionist and student of Life
  • Overcome Adversity – from near-death and $150.000 in debt to creating multiple 7-figure businesses in under 5 years.

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His horrific, life-changing accident occurred in 2006, where he was thrown off of his motorcycle breaking both his legs and his pelvis before being rushed off to surgery where he obtained what he now refers to as his “turning point and savior” – a hospital induced MRSA bacterial infection.  Following the multiple surgeries as well as battling the spreading bacterial infection, he spent the next 9 months in and out of hospitals and surgeries trying to recover his health through conventional medical treatment. After progressively getting weaker, more sick with less energy to recover, Espen had lost over 15kgs and was deeply fearing for his life.

Not long after, Espen was informed by the hospital doctor that his infection had spread rapidly and he now had a 50/50 chance of losing his right leg from the hip down, and if the infection continued, it may start attacking his internal organs. In that exact moment, Espen knew without a shadow of a doubt that if he were able to recover his health, it was solely up to himself to do so. Espen lives by his saying, “If it is to be, it’s up to me”, and followed through on his mantra when he ripped the IV out of his arm in front of the doctor and left the hospital, choosing to embark upon his own healing and personal empowerment journey; which has made him the powerful leadership and wellness speaker he is today.  He is proud to say that he has never looked back.

Using his 12 years of experience as a personal trainer, nutritionist, physical education teacher, and mindset coach to fully apply the power of organic nutrition, superfoods, mindset, meditation, priming, detox, prayer, a daily exercise regime and through changing his perception of these circumstances happening TO him – to these circumstances happening FOR him, Espen managed to beat the infection!

Espen believes that life is too short to be tired, sick, unfulfilled and unsuccessful, which is WHY he has dedicated his life to sharing his heart-opening story while teaching the science, art and philosophy of wellness and personal power through his presentations as a leading Australian Speaker.


Espen now spends his time traveling the world as a speaker, while researching and teaching wellness, longevity, mindset, business and wealth mastery, personal power, and personal development, as well as the powerful principles of non-dogma spirituality. His seminars and presentations unleash the true innate human potential within us all – allowing the audience to understand the inner working of their own mind to break through limiting beliefs and truly design an inspired life.


Speaking Topics

Wellness, Lifestyle, and Longevity

  • The direct link between high-energy wellness and a successful career (for scalable business productivity and increasing the bottom line)
  • “What your doctor doesn’t tell you” – How you can get well, and stay well
  • Dr. Espen’s proven 3-step formula to re-wire your brain and belief system with the success strategies that makes boosting your health FUN, instead of a CHORE
  • How your beliefs influence your biology and why abundant health and energy matters if you want to be the master of your destiny, instead of a victim of your history
  • The shocking reality behind self-sabotage and why the relationship between what you eat and how you feel is much more important than you think


Leadership and Communication

  • Directly linking the core values and mission of the organisation to the audience’s own individual values – resulting in inspired and empowered staff, dedicated to their company
  • How to stand on the shoulders of giants and apply the success strategies that stand the test of time
  • The Leadership Mindset applied
  • Prosper From Your Passion
  • Transforming the TASK driven team into a WHY driven team


Mindset and Motivation

  • How to avoid the 5 common regrets of the dying and live your life with passion
  • Transforming destructive stinking thinking, into empowered thinking and thanking
  • The science of achievement and the art of fulfillment applied
  • Model the Masters for a life by design, not a life by default
  • Personal Power and Overcoming Adversity
  • How Espen went from breaking his back and both of his legs and failing in business, to building multiple 7-figure businesses in under 5 years


Business Success Psychology

  • Master your mind and emotions to transform your business and success
  • Selling is Healing – Why your beliefs dictate your destiny
  • Re-wiring The Money Mindset – for abundant wealth and success



  • Dr. Espen’s Contribution Concept and HOPE (Help Other People Everyday) strategy applied

Designed around the tools Espen has researched and applied for himself, his high-energy and enthusiasm filled presentations are both fun, engaging and if applied, potentially life changing. His presentations have been said to combine a unique brand of enthusiasm, presence, certainty and gratitude with a heart which makes him your next amazing guest speaker.

I’ve been practicing as a medical doctor for 19 years and after hearing Espen speak I knew in my heart that it was time for a change. Now after completing Business Success Automation online and doing some coaching, I have finally begun to act on my dream of becoming an integrative medical doctor with a focus on helping my patients flourish. Thank you Espen, I could not have done this without you!

Greta Prozesky, Rural General Practitioner

Dr. Espen’s teachings could take your life and business to a whole new level.

Dr. John Demartini, International Best-Selling Author of Count Your Blessings

Dr. Espen’s passion is not only to build wellness centres but to educate clients to reach their Peak Performance.

The Courier Mail, Breaking News Headlines for Brisbane, Australia, and the World

A clear association between performance at work and overall health status has been demonstrated, indicating a two-fold increase in productivity and performance amongst the healthiest employees.

Medibank Private

We understand that employers are looking for immediate, meaningful solutions to the challenges presented by rising health care costs. Greater still, we recognize the chronic, indirect costs that result from absenteeism and decreased productivity in the workplace.

Gordon Norman MD

In line with our recent company quarterly goal of a healthier workplace, we invited Dr. Espen to visit our business and he spent a high powered 30-minute presentation at lunch time, presenting a hands-on, highly educational and entertaining insight into the importance of posture, movement and creating a healthier workplace. After the presentation, Dr. Espen then went one on one with the team on their workplace ergonomics, checked the seating and monitors. The changes have helped our team to be more relaxed and productive at work. Dr. Espen’s enthusiasm and energy is contagious. I would recommend him to anyone looking to improve their team’s health and wellbeing.

Peter Nuttall – Managing Director RUD Chains Pty Ltd

As a master of communication, Espen uses his wisdom and life experience, to specifically design each presentation for the audience to not only face their own fears but to break through as they change their habits – and change their lives. Both my family and I are living examples of this transformation! Thank you Espen, you have changed our lives!

Bruce Notman (Property Investor and Military Veteran)

My entire life changed after I started applying the principles Dr. Espen is known for

Amber Hawken (Author, Speaker, and Illuminator)

I simply can’t put a price on what my team and i learned from Dr Espen presentation. To work my entire life without understanding the money mindset or designing my life and my business centered around my core values would be a tragedy.  I’m now extremely passionate about creating a life by design and I’m already seeing incredible results in life from my breakthrough

Kirsty Jurgensen Business Owner, PT and Coach

Dr. Espen’s heartfelt compassion and incredible willingness to help is worth looking into!

Tyler Tolman (Health Nutritionist)

Dr. Espen’s presentations and programs are absolutely mind blowing! He showed us how to evaluate each of the 8 areas of our lives as well as implement the strategies needed to design the life of our dreams! One of the greatest investments I have ever made! Espen’s presentations deliver, by far, the most extraordinary breakthroughs that I have ever experienced in a group environment (and I’ve seen a few). Espen’s empowerment strategies are delivered with such heart and passion from the stage, that each individual (who is serious about changing their life), is able to pick up the tools to transform into a happier, empowered and educated individual.

Paul Godfrey – Business Owner

Dr. Espen’s presentations are filled with life lessons that will get you inspired and show you how to take your life and business to the next level! Get ready to be empowered!

Ian Jacobs (Guinness Book of Record Holder and 3 Time World Champion Kick Boxer)

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