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The Fast Track Formula

After overcoming a life-threatening accident, breaking both of his legs, fracturing his back, and spending 9 months in and out of a wheelchair, Dr. Espen fought his way back onto his feet to become the co-founder of Bonfire Hot Yoga – The largest Hot Yoga and Wellness studios in Australasia. So how did this young entrepreneur go from being over $150,000 in debt to having multiple 7-figure businesses in under 5 years? He credits his simple but highly effective Fast Track Formula as his #1 strategy for effectiveness and success!

Whether you are a growing entrepreneur, business owner or employee simply looking to increase your income, the Fast Track Formula gives you the tools to save both time and money as you achieve the breakthroughs you have been waiting for. Why not have someone else take care of the tasks you are uninspired to complete (but still have to be done)? It’s often much easier and less expensive than you think!

“When it comes to being effective and getting results, The Fast Track Formula is the #1 tool I use when coaching high-end clients and entrepreneurs”! ~ Dr Espen Hjalmby

The Fast Track Formula has been carefully formulated after years of studying the success strategies of the greatest business masters and entrepreneurs of our time, as well as the legends before us. Your Fast Track is an easy-to-use, highly effective one-page formula proven to stand the test of time. The daily steps allow you to identify and action the most essential, truly productive, top priority actions to get extraordinary results! It reveals the of trivial, time-wasting, unimportant, uninspiring tasks we often get stuck doing and shows you how to effectively Delegate and Celebrate.

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“Dr. Espen’s passion is not only to build wellness centres, but to educate clients to reach their Peak Performance.”

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Whether you want to

  • Start Your Own Business But Are Not Sure How To Get Started
  • Unlock Your Peak Personal and Professional Performance
  • Be More Effective And Get More Done In Less Time
  • Unlock the Strategies That Allow You To Prosper From Your Passion
  • Learn How To Master The Pareto Principle – Understand The 80% Of Effort That Give You The 20% Of Your Results, AND How To Nurture The 20% Of Effort That Gives You 80% Of Your Returns!
  • Learn And Apply The Science of Powerful Delegation and Automation
  • Build More Rewarding Personal And Professional Relationships
  • Sharpen Your Ability To Communicate And Convey Your Message Effectively
  • Work Smarter, Not Harder
  • Boost Your Confidence In Your Ability To Lead And Inspire Others…

Then The Fast Track Formula Is For You!

WARNING: Don’t be fooled by The Fast Track Formula’s simplicity, for it is, in fact, this exact process – The simple step-by-step strategy that allows you to pick up the tools to stand on the shoulders of giants and achieve the following, all with this one simple document!

  • Simple Step-by-Step Strategy Allowing You To Ask Specific Questions To Get More Done In Less Time
  • Identify and Action The Daily Action Steps That Align With Your Vision And Business Mission
  • Using the “Important and Urgent Matrix”, Easily Identify And Break Down Your Top Priority Tasks (The Ones That Give You The Greatest Return on Investments With Both Your Time and Money)
  • Remove Procrastination By Linking Your Tasks To Your Highest Values In Life – What’s Truly Meaningful To You And As Such
  • Automatically Filter Out All The Clutter To Help You Stay Focused And Effective
  • Allows You To Have More Spare Time By Teaching You The Powerful Strategies Of Effective Delegation
  • Gets You In Peak State Every Morning – Starting Each Day With Powerful Affirmations, Incantations, and Scientific Prayer!
  • Give You A Clear Sense Of Priority, Listing Only Purposeful Actions That Create Extraordinary Results.

“Having lost everything and being over $150,000 in debt, I learned the hard way, and I can assure you that the advice given, is based on experience, as well as having been trialed and tested with extraordinary results. There is not a single bit of advice, theory or science on this page or in the Fast Track Formula that I don’t use every day myself. It is the exact same formula that I used when building my 8 figure business that services over 5000 clients per week”. ~ Dr. Espen Hjalmby

But remember, obtaining peak levels of personal and business success takes effort, patience, understanding and persistence and it might not be right for everyone. What you do with your life and business, is up to you… But, if you are ready to take your things to the next level – if you are ready to find out what really does work and what doesn’t work, then keep on reading…

The Fast Track Formula is designed to give you the strategies to become Empowered and to live a Successful and Abundant life, and not just Survive, but fully Thrive! I believe we are spirits expressed through human form, not the other way around. If this is true, then we all deserve to express our spirit through REAL PASSION in a quickly growing enterprise that serves the greater good while delivering incredible value in the marketplace!

I believe life is too short to be unsuccessful and frustrated, don’t you?

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“Dr. Espen’s teachings could take your life and business to a whole new level.”

     Dr. John Demartini
     International best-selling author of Count Your Blessings

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