The Fast Track Formula

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After overcoming a life-threatening accident, breaking both his legs, fracturing his back, and spending 9 months in and out of a wheelchair, Dr. Espen fought his way back onto his feet to become the co-founder of Bonfire Hot Yoga – The largest Hot Yoga and Wellness studios in Australia. So how did this young entrepreneur go from being over $150,000 in debt to having multiple 7-figure businesses in under 5 years? He credits his simple but highly effective Fast Track Formula as his #1 strategy for effectiveness and success!

Whether you are a growing entrepreneur, business owner or employee simply looking to increase your income, the Fast Track Formula gives you the tools to save both time and money as you achieve the breakthroughs you have been waiting for. Why not have someone else take care of the tasks you are uninspired to complete (but still have to be done)? It’s often much easier and less expensive than you think!

“When it comes to being effective and getting results, The Fast Track Formula is the #1 tool I use when coaching high-end clients and entrepreneurs”! ~ Dr. Espen Hjalmby



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