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BSA online is an integrative online course with over 40 video tutorials as well as a comprehensive 60-page manual delivered in this easy-to-use, highly effective online course proven to help you design that “unique business” that you have been waiting to create. BSA online reveals the 3 fastest growing small business industries in the world and teaches you “how to stand on the shoulders of Giants” as you create one (or several!) business model(s) – including the revolutionary online “none-to-many” approach coupled with automation.

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Why Corporate Wellness?
Studies suggest that employees with poor overall health status are far more likely to be absent from work and are nine times more likely to have sick days compared to healthy employees.

Lifestyle stresses such as lack of physical activity, poor dietary habits, excess weight and psycho-social factors primarily contribute to these findings. Creating your ‘Life By Design’ workplace provides a complete solution to these growing concerns. By focusing 100% on the body’s underlying requirements for optimal health and function, the ‘Life By Design’ workplace program provides a systematic, step-by-step approach that is guaranteed to improve the health of your employees!

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