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"Dr Espen’s teachings could take your life and health to a whole new level."

Dr. John Demartini
International best-selling author of Count Your Blessings

"The growth of the company has been exponential, and part of the success has been the combination of all the modalities in one place with the education taught to all of clients about how to truly be well."

The Courier Mail
Breaking News Headlines for Brisbane, Australia and the World.

"After coaching with Dr. Espen for only 10 weeks I learned the sales and marketing skills I needed to increase my practice turnover by over 350%. Since then it resulted in even further advancement of my business development and more than a doubling of my personal income. Thank you, Dr. Espen!"

Dr. Ryan Pope
Business Owner & BSA Online Graduate.

"Dr Espen’s heartfelt compassion and willingness to help is worth looking into."

Tyler Tolman
Holistic Nutritionist | Health Practitioner

"My entire life changed after I started applying the principles Dr. Espen is known for."

Amber H.
Author, speaker and illuminator

"Dr Espen’s coaching programs are filled with life lessons that will get you inspired and show you how to take your life to the next level! Try it! It works!"

Ian Jacobs
3 time world champion kick boxer

"After living with pain and quiet desperation for years, my whole life has been transformed after following Dr. Espen’s program. I am pain free, confident and more energetic than ever before!"

Linda W.

"Dr Espen's programs are absolutely mind blowing! He showed my how to evaluate each of the 7 areas of my life as well as implement the strategies needed to design the life of my dreams! One of the greatest investments I have ever made!"

Paul Godfrey
Business Owner, Abundance - The Event

“Espen's programs are for the ordinary person to achieve extraordinary objectives. His well-designed business programs will allow each individual, who is serious about wanting to grow their business, to excel in a model that has been proven to work over and over again."

Bruce Notman
War Veteran & Property Investor

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